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Lux is our entry-level essential oil Diffuser. Its simple, elegant and modern lines make it a design object, as well as a reliable room perfumer. At the touch of a button it will add fragrance to a room of up to 30 square metres in size.

Lux offers you maximum control, thanks to the embedded Bluetooth technology and the dedicated phone app, which lets you customise the intensity of scent to your liking, as well as creating schedules to suit your environment.

Lux is available in black and white colours and also features a variable LED night-light of 7 different colors.

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    The Lux will effortlessly cover an area of up to 30 square metres without any deterioration of fragrance. The intensity can be controlled using the app or a button on the front of the unit.

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    Bottle Capacity

    The custom fitted bottle supplied with the Lux will take up to 15ml of essenzapura essential oil and will last weeks at a time. You can buy essenzapura scents in both 20ml and 200ml sizes.

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    Size & Power

    The Lux is just 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 13cm, so it takes up no room at all!

    The Lux can either be plugged into the mains or powered for a couple of days using the internal USB rechargeable battery.

Why choose essenzapura?

Most existing fragrance products use either water or heat to generate and spread the scent. Both approaches work to an extent, but the fragrance does not last long, nor does it travel particularly far.

By contrast, essenzapura uses CSAT - Cold Scent Atomising Technology.

Ambient air pushes pure essential oil - without water - into a nebuliser at high pressure. The result is an extremely fine vapour of atomised particles that are pushed throughout the room quickly and efficiently.

In fact these tiny particles remain in suspension for hours, even after switching off the device.

For these reasons, CSAT cold air diffusers have become the preferred medium for diffusing essential oils in many homes and work spaces.

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  • Quick Reference Guide

    How to set up the Lux in minutes

  • User Guide

    A more in-depth guide for the Lux


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