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Old fashioned diffusers

First, a bit of background...

Traditional diffusers use a candle or other heat source to heat water in which essential oils are dispersed. This is a quick and usually cheap method, but can risk losing therapeutic benefits or distorting essences, as the heat can damage the fragrance.

On the other hand, natural evaporative diffusion simply takes too long and is therefore not effective.

To get the most out of essential oils - especially in a large space - you need to find a way to distribute it quickly and in its original form. This is where cold diffusion comes into play.

Ultrasonic vs essenzapura

There are two main cold diffusion systems - Ultrasonic and the CSAT approach that essenzapura uses. Let's see the important differences between the two.

ultrasonic diffuser

Ultrasonic diffusers

With an Ultrasonic diffuser, tiny vibrations vaporise the water in which the essential oils are diluted. This cold vapor is what distributes the scent in the air.

The disadvantage with this approach is that the water adds significant weight to the oil and so the fragrance usually falls to the ground almost immediately.

In addition, after a certain time of activity, the area surrounding the diffuser can become damp, risking damage to the furniture or decor.

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essenzapura diffusers

Instead of using heat or water, our essenzapura diffusers use CSAT - Cold Scent Atomising Technology.

In cold air diffusion with CSAT technology, ambient air pushes the pure essential oil, without water, into a nebuliser at high pressure. The result is an extremely fine vapour of atomised particles that are pushed throughout the room quickly and efficiently.

In fact these tiny particles remain in suspension for hours, even after switching off the device.

For these reasons, CSAT cold air diffusers have become the preferred medium for diffusing essential oils in many homes and work spaces.

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