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Having gorgeous, long-lasting fragrances is one thing, but what really sets essenzapura diffusers apart from the competition is the fact that you can control the scent using our free phone app.

You can set the intensity to to your liking and even schedule running times to fit in with your environment.

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Our entry-level diffuser, popular within the residential space and smaller areas. Its small size and beautiful design make this a popular choice

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Anthos 50

Designed for restrooms, changing rooms and gyms, the Anthos 50 can be easily wall-mounted and can run off batteries for 4-6 months at a time

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Eos 100 in gold on bedside table

Eos 100

Covering up to 100 square metres, the Eos is perfect for offices, stores and larger homes where you want to fill your space with beautiful fragrance

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Anthos 800

The Anthos 800 is for large spaces, scenting up to 800 square metres. It can be connected to a ventilation system for complete and persistent diffusion.

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    App Controlled

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    Adjustable Intensity

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    No Water Required

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    Large Coverage

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    Silent Operation

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    Adjustable Times

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There are currently 10 different fragrances in our range, all hand-crafted in Italy and available in 20ml and 200m sized bottles.

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