Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of FAQs that will help you learn more about our brand and our products.

Essenzapura FAQs

How long does the scent last?

This is a tricky one as the answer depends on three factors - 1) the diffuser model in question 2) the running schedule and 3) the intensity you've selected.

But in summary, for most customers running the essenzapura device for 6-8 hours a day on a low intensity, a 20ml bottle can be expected to last around 4 weeks and therefore a 200ml bottle should last 40 weeks.

And just as a reminder, the fragrance will not deteriorate or drop-off in this time; the beautiful fragrance is as long-lasting as it is at the end of the bottle as it is at the start.

How does it work if it doesn't use heat or water?

Every diffuser in the essenzapura range uses a special Cold Scent Atomising Technology (CSAT).

Unlike other competing products on the market, no water or heat is required for essenzapura to work. Instead, the diiffuser pushes air through a nebuliser at high speed to create extremely small particles of scent.

The benefit of this method is that these nanoparticles stay in suspension far longer than oil added to water and are able to travel much furtther, covering significantly larger rooms.

Where is essenzapura used?

As well as at home, essenzapura can be found in high-end hotels, spas, hotels and gyms. In fact, any place where there's a requirement or desire to have beautiful long-lasting fragrances.

Who is essenzapura?

We are the UK division of an Italian company that produces the essential oils in Torino.

Our company in the UK is a 20 year old business that supports a wide range of products to the UK and beyond. We're a great team operating out of offices on the South coast of England.