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Anthos 50

Anthos 50

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The Anthos 50 has been designed for scenting restrooms, changing rooms and gyms. This discrete, unassuming diffuser can be easily wall-mounted for convenience and can be powered either by mains power or with 2x 'D' batteries. 

The Anthos 50 benefits from internal Bluetooth connectivity so you can wirelessly set the intensity of the fragrance as well as setting running schedules to suit your environment.

The Anthos 50 covers up to 50 square metres and its 100ml bottle will last a long time.  In battery mode it will run for 4-6 months on average before the batteries need changing.

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    The Anthos 50 will effortlessly cover an area of up to 50 square metres without any deterioration of fragrance. The intensity can be controlled using our free app.

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    Bottle Capacity

    The custom fitted bottle supplied with the Anthos 50 will take up to 100ml of essenzapura essential oil and will last months at a time. You can buy essenzapura scents in both 20ml and 200ml sizes.

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    Size & Power

    The Anthos is just 17.5 x 15.3 x 6.3cm and can be wall-mounted out of the way. It can be powered either by mains power or by 2x 'D batteries' (estimated battery life is 4-6 months on normal usage).