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Eos 100

Eos 100

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Transform your space with the innovative technology of the Eos 100 essential oil diffuser.

Designed for everyday spaces up to 100 square meters in size, this elegant and minimalistic machine offers maximum control over your scent experience, thanks to Bluetooth technology and a dedicated app. Customize the intensity of your favorite essential oils to suit your preferences, and create schedules to match your environment.

Plus, the Eos 100 is environmentally sustainable, made from 100% recycled aluminum.

Try it with the essences of essenzapura for an enveloping and inimitable experience

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    The Eos 100 will effortlessly cover an area of up to 100 square metres without any deterioration of fragrance. The intensity can be controlled using the app or a button on the side of the Eos.

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    Bottle Capacity

    The custom fitted bottle supplied with the Eos will take up to 120ml of essenzapura essential oil and will last weeks at a time. You can buy essenzapura scents in both 20ml and 200ml sizes.

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    Size & Power

    The Eos is just 11cm x 11cm x 29cm, so it takes up hardly any room at all!

    Simply plug the Eos 100 into the mains and you can set its running schedule using our free mobile phone and tablet app.